Bureau Jeugdzorg Drenthe

Bureau Jeugdzorg Drenthe (BJZ) is a Dutch institution which is in some aspects similar with Jugendamt in Germany or Youth Care in the US. The organisation was installed at the instigation of the regional authorities, in this case Drenthe. It is our task to provide educational aid to parents and children/adolescents in Drenthe who meet with serious problems they cannot solve themselves.

By the court of justice BJZ can also be involved in cases of lawsuits, ill treatment, abuse, crimes, absence from school etc, even if the aid has not been specifically asked for by parents or adolescents. This means that the aid is compulsory. Also in this case the aim of BJZ remains the same: to take care that the child/adolescent can grow up in piece and safety so that his/her development is not at stake. Parents remain very important in this respect.