2016 Norwich Gathering

event-icon-alt-webThe 10th International Signs of Safety Gathering, was held in Norwich, UK from July 5, 2016.

The theme: Innovation and Courage in Children’s Services. as with every Gathering we were privileged to hear a variety of presentations from workers, leaders and others which generated a great deal of enthusiasm and energy to take us all forward in our work building upon and creating safety for children with families.



Download the full event programme (PDF).


The Norwich Gathering featured 29 fantastic presentations. Video from five of them are freely available below. They will be available until presentations from the next International Gathering in Ireland become available in November 2018.

All presentations from this and other International Gatherings are always available through an organisational subscription to the Signs of Safety Knowledge Bank.

Gathering presentations are an incredibly valuable learning resource and we often receive requests to have more presentations available free and for longer. We would love to make them all available for free but producing these videos costs money and we support their production through organisational subscriptions to the Knowledge Bank.

So that there are always good learning resources available, we keep five presentations from the the most recent two International Gatherings available at all times. These videos are selected to include a strong presentation on each key theme or topic covered at that Gathering. We also make all the presentations from each International Gathering available for three months after the event.


Networks, Cartoons & Games: Being Creative With Families and Young People
VZW Sporen, Belgium
Kevin Van Bedts & Denis Gorgon



The Journey of Safety Planning
Resolutions Consultancy
Susie Essex and Andrew Turnell



One Little Monkey
Ktunaxa Kinbasket Child & Family Services, Canada
Racheal Nicholas



Signs of Safety In Early Help and Schools
Parish Primary School, Lincolnshire
Alison Russell



Embracing Family Led Safety Planning for an Injured Baby
West Sussex County Council
Pauline Barrett & Stephanie Snow




Click below to see images taken at the Gathering.

2016 Signs of Safety Gathering