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2018 Call for International Gathering Presentations

This page contains information for people interested in presenting at the 12th International Signs of Safety Gathering being held in Dublin, Ireland, Co hosted by Tusla Child and Family Agency, from 6–8 November 2018.

Registration and general information about the event is available here.

The closing date for submissions is 1st June.

Call for Presentations

Submissions are invited for presentations of either 30 or 45 minutes in length. Presentations should focus on the actual impact that the Signs of Safety has made on direct practice. Presentations involving supervisors/practice leaders, front-line practitioners and those that capture the experience of families will be favoured. We are looking for presenters to communicate the detail of their practice in applying the Signs of Safety, and to describe the differences and significance of the work for practitioners, service recipients and the agency. We’re particularly looking for presentations that capture the enthusiasm and energy of yourself, your colleagues and your agency for this work.

Presentations are encouraged in all aspects of applying Signs of Safety ideas and practice to the child protection task; from intake and investigation to ongoing work, to case closure. This could include areas of practice such as assessment, Safety Planning, involving children and parents, conferencing, foster care, court work and building collaboration among professionals. Presentations describing organisational processes including training, supervision, management and implementation strategies, and research endeavours that support and sustain constructive safety-organised practice are very welcome.


One of our goals for Dublin is to drive more interactivity between the audience and presenters than we have had in the past. As an example one idea we are exploring is for Presenters to be able to ask the audience a scaling question. The audience would be able to respond from their phones allowing both the audience and presenters to see the responses right in the moment.

We are still brainstorming and exploring technical solutions for this and other ideas, we can’t promise anything yet but will provide more information when we accept presentations. If you have ideas for interactivity we would love to see these in submissions and will do our very best to facilitate them at the gathering.

Submitting to present at the Gathering

The first stage is to submit your interest in presenting. You don’t need a completed presentation to submit, you just need to give us a description of what you want to present and write the abstract for the presentation which will go in the program should your presentation be accepted.

The closing date for submissions is 1st June.

Presenters will be notified by 14th June as to whether their presentation has been selected.

Please read all the information on this page before submitting a presentation so that you’re clear about what is involved.

Submit your presentation proposal for the International Signs of Safety Gathering.

De-Identification and filming

The goal of the Gathering is to share practice. To allow for this, if you’re presentation is accepted we will ask that you de-identify references to case work in your presentation. We will ask you to sign a release form confirming that this has been done or that you have permission to share any identifiable information in your presentation.

Wherever possible, we want to be able to share the examples of casework presented at the Gathering with the wider Signs of Safety community. All presentations at the Gathering will be video recorded. These presentations are made publicly available for 3 months on signsofsafety.net and after that time to subscribers of the Signs of Safety Knowledge Bank. This allows practitioners around the world to learn from the work shared at Gatherings.

You are responsible for having the permission of each participant shown in your presentation, whether that be in still images, video or audio before you present at the Gathering.


For inspiration you can find presentations from the last two International Gatherings here:

Presenter Support – Christy Leitch

Signs of Safety Gatherings are a showcase of the best work from around the world being done using Signs of Safety. To assist you in conveying your outstanding work, Christy will be available to guide you through the complete presentation process. If you have question now about submitting to present please reach out to her via christy.leitch@resolutionsconsultancy.com

Once you have received confirmation that your presentation has been selected Christy will contact you to provide you with additional information and answer any questions you may have. She will continue to be your point of contact from preparing video and PowerPoints through to rehearsals at the Gathering venue.

What to expect if your presentation is accepted

When you receive your acceptance email we will send you access to the Presenter Information page which outlines in detail, everything you will need to know right through to presenting on the day in Dublin. Christy will also reach out talk you through the process and answer any question you have. Bellow is some of the key information from that page that may be useful to know now.

Sending us your presentation in advance

We ask all presenters to send us their full presentation and any supporting material (e.g. video or audio files) in advance of the Gathering. This is so that we can make sure all presentation run smoothly during the event from a technical point of view and that your material looks great at the Gathering.

Final presentations will need to be submitted 6 weeks before the gathering, on or before 7 September

On the day your presentation will be run off our computers as part of the larger AV setup. So that this runs smoothly we need to make sure your presentation is in a format we can support. You will be able to use any of the following:

  • Microsoft PowerPoint or Apple Keynote (in widescreen 16:9)
  • Cloud-based presentation formats such as Prezi can be used but only it is possible to obtain a version of your presentation that functions without Internet access. Christy may be able to help you with this, but we recommend checking with her before you create your presentation in one of these less common formats.
  • Video in any format, however .mov or .m4v files are preferred.

Rehearsals on the Monday

We will run presenter rehearsals the day prior to the Gathering, Monday 5 November. There won’t be time for a complete run through of your presentation but it will give the opportunity to get up on stage, get comfortable with the room, try out the microphones and ask any other last minute questions. We run these rehearsal to help you feel as comfortable on the day as possible and to ensure that everything runs smoothly. Please plan your travel arrangements so you are available for a rehearsal on the Monday.

Technical setup

When you walk up onto the stage to make your presentation, we will have your Presentation loaded and ready to go on the first slide. On the stage will be a podium, on which there will be the wireless remote for you to control your PowerPoint. On a table beside the podium will be a monitor displaying your PowerPoint. This monitor mirrors the screen that the audience sees behind you and is there so that you don’t have to turn your back to the audience to refer to your slides.

A microphone is built into the lectern, however wireless handheld and wireless lapel microphones are available to use if you or any of your fellow presenters wish to move around the stage while presenting.

If, for any reason, you need help with controlling the PowerPoint during your presentation, Christy can take control of it from the back of the room. If you need help during your presentation, simply speak into your microphone and tell her what you need.


If you have any queries about any of this, please contact Christy by email.
We are here to help you make sure that everything runs as smoothly as possible on the day, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch.
We look forward to seeing you and hearing your presentation at the Gathering!