Aboriginal-First Nations Voices in Child Protection

Aboriginal First Nations Voices in Child Protection

Monday 7 December 2020

Zoom Webinar

11 pm UTC+0

Signs of Safety Online Gathering
Zoom Session for Aboriginal-First Nations leaders and practitioners

Elia is proud to be hosting this Gathering event for the second year, bringing together international Aboriginal-First Nations voices in child protection from Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the United States.

We will be utilising the Zoom platform for the Gathering. The conference will run for three hours with a short break in the middle. Signs of Safety Trainers and Consultants will introduce Aboriginal-First Nations leaders and practitioners who are presenting at the event and will facilitate reflections from participants. The focus is on hearing Aboriginal-First Nations voices.

The format for the Gathering will be:

  • Prayers and welcomes from Aboriginal-First Nations participants
  • Case presentations, including a focus on what child protection can do to address over-representative of children in statutory care and the challenges and opportunities of leadership
  • Reflections from the participants

Your local Signs of Safety Consultant will discuss arrangements for participating with you. We hope there will be a wide audience of Aboriginal-First Nations leaders and practitioners. 

A report of the event will be produced so that the Aboriginal-First Nations voices can be heard more widely.

Please note that due to the global spread of our Aboriginal-First Nations leaders and practitioners, the event could be either on Monday 7th or Tuesday 8th December, depending on your location. See timezones below for assistance.

Monday 11pm UTC+0 | Monday 3pm UTC-8 (Vancouver) | Monday 4pm UTC-7 (Calgary) | Monday 5pm UTC-6 (Winnipeg) | Monday 5pm UTC-6 (Minneapolis) | Tuesday 7am UTC+8 (Perth) | Tuesday 8:30am UTC+9:30 (Darwin) | Tuesday 9am UTC+10 (Brisbane) | Tuesday 12noon UTC+13 (Auckland)

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