Leading a Signs of Safety Implementation Workshop, Belgium


10-11 June & 14-15 December

26 June – Meaningful Measures

Muntpunt 6
1000 Brussels, Belgium
9:30am – 16:30pm


Full programme (5 days)
Leadership days (4 days)
Meaningful Measures (1 day)

Elia, the organisation behind Signs of Safety, is organising a workshop about leadership in a Signs of Safety implementation.

This event is in Dutch with exception of the Meaningful Measures day with Mike Caslor which will be facilitated in English.

Elia is excited to see that more and more Flemish organisations are deciding to use Signs of Safety as their practice model and train their staff in the Signs of Safety approach, like Agentschap Opgroeien is. Simply giving training without any follow up is not enough to effectively implement Signs of Safety in an organisation, or for it to be as effective as we need it to be in order to improve the lives of children and families.

Opgroeien has chosen a strategic “solution-focussed and strength-based” approach. Furthermore, they have chosen to use Signs of Safety for referrals. Opgroeien continues to develop this with all their partners within the youth-care authority.

This workshop is meant for directors, practice leaders and others in leadership positions or other staff members. It is one of two two-day courses with the additional option for a day of Meaningful Measures with Mike Caslor, Director of Research for Elia, Canada.

During the workshop you will have the unique opportunity, together as a team, to think about how to implement Signs of Safety in your organisation and share your ideas with other organisations. By sharing your experiences with each other and by learning together you can strengthen your knowledge and experience.

Programme 10–11 June 2020 & 14–15 December 2020

  • What is the purpose of the implementation and how to measure it
  • The implementation infinity loop, the theory of change and how to lead it
  • Signs of Safety learning methods
  • Signs of Safety leadership styles
  • Processes, policies and forms that go alongside the practice of Signs of Safety

Meaningful Measures 26 June 2020

Mike will explain how you can examine the quality and the impact of the work with Signs of Safety, giving you a broader vision, practice examples and tools to help your organisation to improve the quality of the work being done and measure it meaningfully.

The following items will be discussed:

  • How can you be sure your employees are using Signs of Safety?
  • How do you know the quality of the work being done?