Leading Learning: An American Experience

Leading Learning

From 11 January 2023 – 22 February 2024

Sessions are two hours from 2.00 p.m. CST

Country: United States of America 🇺🇸

“Learning organisation” is an organisation continually expanding its capacity to create its future.” — Peter Senge

The organisations that will truly excel in embedding and sustaining Signs of Safety are the organisations that tap into people’s commitment and capacity to learn within all levels of the organisation. We offer a first-of-its-kind exciting, innovative, and enhancing opportunities for leaders across the United States to participate in a guided learning process for an entire year.

How it works

We will facilitate cohorts of 15 participants through 12 sessions in the utility of the disciplines, processes, and methodologies of Signs of Safety. We will also equip leaders with the skills to facilitate, embed and sustain a learning ethos within their respective organisations. The consultants will model, coach, and mentor participants to facilitate end-to-end casework, utilising the Signs of Safety, from risk assessment through to safety planning. Each participant will, in turn, simultaneously lead an end-to-end case process with their respective teams. Everyone will be encouraged to track and speak to their learnings, staff learnings, and organisational implications and document their casework. The 12th session will be a celebratory mini Gathering consisting of casework presentations.

This is an exciting opportunity for leaders to join peers from organisations across the United States, share practical and organizational wisdom, and establish lasting working relationships.

Sessions breakdown

  • Introductions and setup
  • Intro to learning processes/facilitating learning
Risk Assessment
  • Harm Analysis
  • Strengths/Safety/Complicating Factors
  • Danger Statements/Safety Goals/Safety Scale/Next Steps
Safety Planning
  • Safety Planning timelines
  • Safety Networks
  • Words and Pictures
  • Prepping for and leading Safety Planning sessions
  • Safety Planning Words and Pictures and utilising collaborative reviews and sustaining Signs of Safety practice
  • Reflections/learnings and review
  • Mini Gathering

Who should consider participating?

These sessions are designed with leaders in mind from organisations who are contemplating a Signs of Safety implementation and those who have implemented. In both scenarios, organisations will benefit from ‘testing’ their readiness to embed and sustain Signs of Safety within their systems and organisational culture.

Organisational benefits

  • Minimal upfront investment for organisations contemplating a whole system implementation of Signs of Safety
  • Enriching organisational knowledge and skill to lead learning
  • Explore your implementation of Signs of Safety
  • Learn from what you have done well, and of course correct what isn’t working well
  • Learn from and with organisations from across our great nation
  • Support from the consultants between sessions


All sessions will be two hours long, beginning at 2 p.m. CST. The last session (mini-Gathering) is three hours long.

11 January 2023 14 September 2023
24 February 2023 19 October 2023
22 March 2023 16 November 2023
28 April 2023 14 December 2023
25 May 2023 18 January 2024
22 June 2023 22 February 2024


To register, please contact Theresa Vinokuroff at theresa.vinokuroff@signsofsafety.net or Stacey Steinbach at stacey.steinbach@signsofsafety.net


$3,225 per participant

Please contact Avi Versanov at avi.versanov@signsofsafety.net for payments and information about additional consulting support.