Safety Planning Bootcamp, Perth

AU Bootcamp

1–3 September 2020

9.30 am – 4.30 pm

South of Perth Yacht Club
Coffee Point
WA 6153

Three day Bootcamp in Perth, WA

Safety planning is the most important and challenging part of child protection casework. It’s difficult enough for professionals to agree what will satisfy them that the children will be safe. Making sure the family understand what the professionals want is the next challenge. 

Once these foundations are laid, the hard work really begins since effective safety planning requires the professionals, the family and their support people work as team to create a plan the family can own and will last. 

Beginning in 2008, Signs of Safety was implemented as the Department of Communities’ West Australian statutory child protection framework. The Australian Centre for Child Protection was commissioned to review the implementation and in 2013 communicated their conclusions that the Signs of Safety implementation had made little difference in improving overall outcomes for children and families. Andrew Turnell and the international Signs of Safety community welcomed ACCP’s analysis and have used it as one springboard to refine the practice model, particularly the safety planning methods and how they are trained, supported, recorded and quality assured. This development work has been undertaken in large scale projects over the last seven years in England, Ireland, Canada, Belgium and most recently the Northern Territory. 

This bootcamp will detail the new safety planning practice tools and demonstrate the learning methods that support them and provide an overview of the whole system organisational processes that have been developed to underpin rigorous safety planning.

This bootcamp will explore the detail of the Signs of Safety Safety Planning Roadmap initially through an overview exemplified with case material and then by diving into the skills and methods focusing on current open cases brought forward by participants. We will work together on one case as a large group and then replicate the same participatory learning process with other cases in small groups. 

As well as looking at latest thinking and developments in safety planning, the bootcamp will also particularly focus on:

  • Working skilfully with complex situations of domestic violence so perpetrators are both held accountable and treated with dignity, victims are supported and kept safe rather than blamed for being unprotective or lacking insight and children are informed and involved throughout
  • Using the middle column with greater rigour and compassion to uncover existing actions of strength and safety that build family-owned safety plans that have the depth and detail to last

By the end of the three days, each participant who has brought forward a case will have a detailed written trajectory to guide them in their safety planning work and all participants will have learned how to plan and undertake safety planning through the life of the case. All participants are encouraged to bring a current case requiring safety planning work that can be explored in the large or small groupwork. 

The bootcamp faculty will be Joke Wiggerink, CEO of Elia International and Pene Turnell, Executive Director of Practice at Elia International. You can learn more about them in their bios below.

All participants will receive detailed safety planning learning materials as part of the programme.

Joke Wiggerink

Joke Wiggerink

Joke Wiggerink is a Dutch Ortho Pedagogue with 26 years’ experience in youth probation and child protection including directorship roles in the statutory youth care agencies in Drenthe and Groningen between 2006 and 2016. During this period, Joke led the Signs of Safety implementations in both organisations. Joke has worked alongside Andrew Turnell since 2005, initially in the Dutch implementations, then in delivering training and consultation in the Netherlands and internationally, and over the past 5 years in leading the international Signs of Safety community.

In February 2020, Joke replaced Andrew as CEO of Elia which is the international membership-based organisation that is the home of Signs of Safety. Joke’s leadership of the international Signs of Safety community sees her working in many countries around the world and she is the lead consultant in the whole system implementations in Northern Ireland, Belgium and in the just-completed English Innovations Project. As well as working with agency leaders on organisational alignment, Joke loves delivering Signs of Safety training and working alongside practitioners, supervisors and practice leaders on applying the Signs of Safety to complex cases.

Joke specialises in investigating the parallel processes that are necessary for whole system implementation so that Signs of Safety practices and culture are woven throughout the organisation creating equivalence between how service recipients are approached, staff are supervised and how the organisation is run. She works closely with Terry Murphy, Eileen Munro and Andrew Turnell in documenting the Signs of Safety implementation framework and methods.

Pene Turnell

Pene Turnell

Pene’s nine-and-a-half years as a child protection practitioner coincided with the Western Australian child protection department’s state-wide implementation of Signs of Safety. Since leaving the department, Pene has taken on the role of International Executive Director of Signs of Safety practice for Elia leading the continual development of the Signs of Safety practice approach and the implementation and learning methods that support it. 

Pene has led out on the most significant Signs of Safety innovations over the past five years including developing the Signs of Safety Information System, developing an advanced Words and Pictures training programme, developing the Harm Analysis Matrix, refining the Whole System Learning Case and developing the Practice Intensive methodologies to close the gap for practitioners and leaders between the training programme and applying the approach in everyday agency practice and workflows.

The focus of Pene’s work has always centered on bringing parents, children and safety networks into the centre of the safety planning work. Pene is passionate about creating Words and Pictures explanations and rigorous safety plans with parents in the most challenging cases. Pene’s training and consulting work currently focuses on the whole system implementations in Ireland, the Northern Territory and Cambodia. Pene is an inspiring teacher and supervisor of Signs of Safety and has presented her work in North America, Europe, UK, Asia and Australia. 


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