Safety Planning Bootcamp, Sweden

Malmo 5 Day Bootcamp

25–29 May 2020

Monday 10.00 am – 5.00 pm
Tuesday — Thursday 9.00 am – 4.00 pm
Friday 9.00 am – 1.00 pm

Hotell Scandic St Jörgen
Stora Nygatan 35
211 37 Malmö

Signs of Safety: Building Rigorous Safety Plans in Child Protection Casework

Safety planning is the sharp end of child protection casework. To start with, it’s difficult enough for all the professionals to agree about what will satisfy them the children will be safe. Making sure the family understands what the professionals want is the next challenge. Once these foundations are laid, the hard work really begins; an agreed, structured process or trajectory has to be established where the family and their support people can demonstrate, over time, that they can keep their kids safe.

The practical child protection safety planning methods put forward by Signs of Safety are becoming increasingly well-known around the world. While the ideas are simple, becoming competent and confident in the detail and management of these safety planning methods requires sustained practice and reflection over many years and many cases.

This five day program will assist workers to expand their understanding and skill-set by digging into the details of safety planning, including:

  • Danger statements and safety goals
  • Engagement and professional positioning that engages people who seem oppositional or ‘in denial’
  • Using authority skilfully and the creation of simple bottom lines
  • Dealing with secrets
  • Listening for, and mapping relevant strengths and existing safety
  • Involving children, particularly through the Words and Pictures and Safety House methods and use of a Safety Object.
  • The specific steps of staged reunification and safety planning, including how to get a network involved, who does what and how long should the process take?
  • Pressure testing and monitoring safety plans and the people involved
  • Managing risk throughout the process for the practitioner and organisation
  • Building professional teams that can both support and challenge each other through the rigours and anxiety of safety planning

This workshop will involve lots of practice and will focus on examples brought by participants so attendees are asked to bring cases from their practice they would like to consult on. All participants will receive a copy of the Signs of Safety Safety Planning workbook.


  • SEK9700- + tax (lunch, tea/coffee provided)
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