Safety Planning for Senior Managers

Monday 19 April 2021

Online Half-Day Workshop


1 pm UTC+0

For leaders and senior managers
The workshop will be led using the Zoom platform

Signs of Safety Child Protection Leaders Support Forum

How safe is the safety planning in your organisation? Good outcomes for children depend on good safety plans. Workers are vulnerable too, if their safety planning is weak.

Following the Signs of Safety Child Protection Leadership Support Forum’s interactive Facebook Live webinar, ‘Senior Management Overview on Safety Planning’ late in 2020, Joke Wiggerink and Terry Murphy are returning with a half-day workshop on this critical topic for senior child protection leaders.

Joke and Terry are both former CEO’s of child welfare organisations and know from experience that safety planning is the area of practice that senior management has to know that our safety planning is as good as it needs to be.

How do you, as a senior manager — amidst all the other responsibilities that take your time — know if children have a safety plan and what the quality of that safety plan is? Has the safety plan been made by the family and network with support of the social worker and other professionals? Or are the plans sets of rules that we’ve set and simply called a safety plan?

Safety planning is the hardest part of our work. When we don’t get it right, the consequences for the child(ren), family and social workers can be devastating.

  • We will look in some depth at safety planning practice so that leaders have a good feel for the work
  • We will help you think through the roles and responsibilities of your leaders and expand your oversight in your teams’ work to enable you to lead them more effectively
  • We will also discuss ways to help you build collective responsibility to handle the most complex and difficult cases
  • And we will review tools that can assist organisations and their leaders to know the practice that is occurring and how good it is 

Joke and Terry will talk from their own experiences of struggles and successes from their time leading a child protection organisation as well as working internationally with agencies implementing the Signs of Safety.

The workshop is open to all leaders and senior managers of child protection agencies.

Monday 9pm UTC+8 (Perth) | Monday 2pm UTC+1 (London) | Monday 7am UTC-6 (Calgary) | Monday 3pm UTC+2 (Stockholm) | Monday UTC+2 (Amsterdam) | Monday 9am UTC-4 (Toronto)

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The cost of the 3 hour workshop will be GBP£120 per registration. Tickets are limited and available now here. The workshop will be run using the Zoom platform. Please double-check your local timezone before purchasing your ticket.

This will be an interactive event. To help facilitate this, we ask all participants to be on audio and video for the session. To get the best experience in the workshop, please try (within the best of your ability) to join from a computer with good internet connectivity, a webcam and use a set of headphones with a microphone.

Joke WiggerinkJoke Wiggerink is a Dutch Orthopedagogue with 26 years’ experience in youth probation and child protection including directorship roles in the statutory youth care agencies in Drenthe and Groningen between 2006 and 2016. During this period, Joke led the Signs of Safety implementations in both organisations. Joke has worked alongside Andrew Turnell since 2005, initially in the Dutch implementations, then in delivering training and consultation in the Netherlands and internationally, and over the past 5 years in leading the international Signs of Safety community. 

In February 2020, Joke replaced Andrew as CEO of Elia which is the international membership-based organisation that is the home of Signs of Safety. Joke’s leadership of the international Signs of Safety community sees her working in many countries around the world and she is the lead consultant in the whole system implementations in Northern Ireland, Belgium and in the just-completed English Innovations Project. As well as working with agency leaders on organisational alignment, Joke loves delivering Signs of Safety training and working alongside practitioners, supervisors and practice leaders on applying the Signs of Safety to complex cases. 

Joke specialises in investigating the parallel processes that are necessary for whole system implementation so that Signs of Safety practices and culture are woven throughout the organisation creating equivalence between how service recipients are approached, staff are supervised and how the organisation is run. She works closely with Terry Murphy, Eileen Munro and Andrew Turnell in documenting the Signs of Safety implementation framework and methods. 

Terry Murphy was Director General of the Department for Child Protection and Family Support in Western Australia (WA) from 2007 to 2014 where he initiated and led the implementation of Signs of Safety. He has since worked internationally as a Signs of Safety Licensed Consultant and partner of Munro, Turnell and Murphy and been an Executive of Elia, the home of Signs of Safety, supporting agencies in implementation and developing with Andrew Turnell, Eileen Munro and Joke Wiggerink Elia’s whole system framework for implementation. Terry has also led the alcohol and drug sector and the Office of Aboriginal Health in Western Australia.  He holds degrees in psychology and economics, as well as an MBA.