Screening: A Rigorous Approach

Screening: A Rigorous Approach

23 November 2022

1 pm – 4 pm Eastern

CAD$125 plus HST

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Country: Canada 🇨🇦

Screening: A Rigorous Approach

A screening worker must resolve the question: “Is this a child protection concern?” while confronting multiple anxiety-provoking challenges in assessing risk and is consumed by myriad expectations. Predominantly, ensuring that information is gathered in a timely, balanced, and sophisticated risk approach that leads to a child’s immediate safety and wellbeing. It is no coincidence that the characteristics of workers in these roles are intelligent, organised, and able to function exceptionally well under immense pressure.

Workers report that with the onset of Signs of Safety, they felt caught between two systems (the standards and the Signs of Safety tools and processes). Unfortunately, this pressure generated anxiety and confusion. It led staff to resolve themselves to continue doing what they have always done and missing out on the benefits of using Signs of Safety at the front end of the system. While current practice meets expectations set out by the child welfare system, Signs of Safety posits that using the Signs of Safety risk assessment tools leads to a sharper, inclusive, rigorous, balanced risk assessment.

Join other participants in an innovative, creative, and exclusive half-day workshop focused on bridging the gap, improving, and enhancing participants’ capacity to excel in both worlds. Utilising a bit of teaching, case examples and most group work, participants will be challenged, learn from each other, and strengthen their abilities to facilitate balanced, rigorous, and sophisticated assessments in short periods while utilising the Signs of Safety risk assessment tool.

This half-day workshop will help participants:

  1. Enhance the use of the three columns in a timely manner
  2. Enhance the use of the Harm Analysis Matrix to inform decisions
  3. Grow a repertoire of sharp, balanced risk assessment questions
  4. Enhance conversation about networks
  5. Use scaling questions to assess safety and wellbeing

Who should consider this workshop?

These sessions are designed for participants interested in learning how to use the Signs of Safety approach to screening a call and for managers who want to understand how to help their staff manage and facilitate screening calls.


  • Gain understanding and confidence using Signs of Safety tools at screening
  • Balanced, rigorous, and sophisticated practice
  • Limit unnecessary openings
  • Excellent set up of files at the front end


  • Registrations are open now
  • Workshops last for three hours 1pm – 4pm Eastern Time
  • Workshops are CAD$125 plus HST per person
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