Signs of Safety 2.0 — Combination Training

Signs of Safety 2.0

28–29 March/17–18 April/10–11 October/6–7 November 2023

Basic training workshops: 28–29 March 2023 and 17–18 April 2023
Safety Planning workshops: 10–11 October 2023 and 6–7 November 2023

Venue: De Helden van Kien, Bremhorst 1, Sint-Oedenrode

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Country: The Netherlands 🇳🇱

Signs of Safety is the most well-known and valued approach — both in the Netherlands and in countries around the word — when it comes to increasing safety in families where there are concerns about safety. There are many popular tools used within the Signs of Safety approach, such as the Three Columns, My Three Houses and the Safety Plan. Anyone who works with families where there are safety concerns knows that you can’t create security simply by using tools…it takes patience and a total approach with tenacity. Firm yet extremely kind.

In this Combination training, you will find basic training where you learn to make an analysis with family and the network in order to gain clarity over the concerns, what is already going well, and what needs to happen. You will also learn to find networks that can be active in the lives of the children, and how to talk to the children about how they are doing.

In this in-depth training, you will get started with real safety planning. You’ll learn to work out a trajectory that you’ll share with your family and network, working on safety step by step. You’ll learn to translate the concerns with the adults into a Words and Pictures for the children, and also how to prepare the safety plan with the family and network to make it understandable for everyone.


  • Tickets on sale now
  • Eight training days at a great location, facilitated by at least two Signs of Safety licensed Trainers
  • Coffee, tea, and lunch provided
  • Cost:
    • EUR€1300 per person combination registration for all 8 workshops EARLYBIRD DISCOUNT if registered before 1 January 2023
    • EUR€1400 per person combination registration for all 8 workshops
    • EUR€725 for the Basic Training workshop
    • EUR€725 for the Safety Planning workshop (basic training with a licensed Trainer must have been completed)
  • Contact the team at to register


Petra Rozeboom has over twenty-three years experience in youth care, the first 15 years in the recording amenities and, since 2005, at Bureau Jeugdzorg Drenthe. In her work she is always focusing on new developments; this is reflected in her career.

At Jeugdzorg Drenthe she started with the pilot-project ‘Hulp aan huis’ as an intensive family counsellor. Then there was a new position made available as a youth care/foster care worker. Several years later, to have a wider picture of youth care, she made an exit to Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and worked at the Department of Ortho-psychiatry. In 2005 she made the transition to Bureau Jeugdzorg Drenthe, first as a case manager, later as a family guardian and since January 2010, as a work supervisor.

From 2006 to September 2011, Petra has followed Andrew Turnell to several Signs of Safety trainings, including coaching over Skype with the high-risk team. She has also attended two five-day trainings with Susie Essex (2011 and 2012) to learn more about how to use the Words and Pictures tools.

Since 2007, Petra was part of the High Risk Team at Bureau Jeugdzorg Drenthe, initially doing Signs of Safety work as a family guardian. She worked with families making frameworks, safety plans, Three Houses and Words and Pictures. Since 2010 she has worked with Signs of Safety as a work supervisor. Here she is responsible for the implementation of frameworks, safety plans, coaching employees in the work according to Signs of Safety and shares the responsibility for the implementation of Signs of Safety within Bureau Jeugdzorg Drenthe.

In 2009 Petra received a trainer degree and now provides Signs of Safety training/coaching to various youth and health organisations. She also gives other trainings, workshops and peer review processes, including with the National Child Abuse Training Approach and as a work advisor to an educational institution for Child Coach and Child Therapists.

Lotte Steur-Strik has worked as a trainer and supervisor in youth welfare, refugee aid, social work and women welfare in the Netherlands since 2009. Before she became a trainer, she worked as an orthopedagogic family therapist in the south of the Netherlands for many years. In her work with families and their networks her main goal was to increase the safety of the children. She is a licensed Signs of Safety trainer, post-bachelor degree education teacher of ambulant family therapy and registered supervisor at LVSC. Additionally, she worked in a support team to build resilience amongst colleagues who had experienced a shocking event at work. After joining a Signs of Safety 2-day workshop in 2008 by Andrew Turnell, her interest in Signs of Safety sparked.

Her collaborations with Susie Essex and her colleagues in the north of the Netherlands expanded her knowledge of Signs of Safety and motivated her to share her knowledge and inspire her colleagues to use the method as well. Her working methods consist of asking lot of questions, involving the children and the use of plain language (also in tough situations). Lotte believes every child has the right to feel loved, safe and understood. It’s important to her that the children understand what has happened in their lives and that they know whom and what can help them. From experience, Lotte learnt the best way to achieve this is though collaboration. This is the collaboration of professionals with the families as well as the collaboration between organisations. The beauty of the Signs of Safety approach to Lotte, is the focus on what works and what’s going well. This focus is present in the families and the organisations who work with Signs of Safety and gives people the strength and energy to learn and grow.

Marieke began her career as a Child Care worker in 1991, and she became a member of the High Risk Team of BJZ Drenthe, and had gone through intensive training with Andrew Turnell in between 2006 and 2011. Being part of the High Risk Team gave Marieke the opportunity to learn and grow in using the Signs of Safety tools and approaches in daily practice with the families.

She has been working as a Signs of Safety Trainer for Bureau Jeugdzorg, a Youth Care Agency in Drenthe, since 2009. In April 2010, Marieke started her own consultancy firm, Trainingsbureau De Zwaluw, alongside her job with Bureau Jeugdzorg. Marieke left Bureau Jeugdzorg in 2016 and is working full time as a trainer and coach to support organisations using Signs of Safety in the best way they can.

One of Marieke’s main interests is to involve children in the safety planning process, and she is very experienced in accommodating parents in her process as well. She is set to conduct research in this respect in terms of benefits and experience gained by children and parents who has participated in the Signs of Safety planning.

Marieke works closely with Andrew Turnell and other licensed trainers as she believes working in group will result in effective implementation and training of Signs of Safety in the region as a whole. Marieke is working in different areas in the Netherlands and also taking part of projects in Belgium, Northern Ireland, Sweden and Denmark. Marieke has been the Regional Director of Signs of Safety for mainland Europe since January 2017.

Marion Henneman worked as a social worker with families and children in child protection and mental health and has provided training & coaching to workers, practice leaders, supervisors and management in the Netherlands.

Since 2012 she is a fulltime Signs of Safety trainer and has worked with passion and perseverance at implementation in the boroughs of the Hague and surroundings. She is specialised in forming and supporting trajectories of learning for all parts of the organisation to work with Signs of Safety.

Together with Signs of Safety trainer Manna van ‘t Slot, Marion developed the learning model and an intensive and fun learning trajectory for practice leaders and managers, so organisations can own the learning and development of Signs of Safety from within.
We have learned that for the Signs of Safety approach to get grounded into the daily work, it needs to be integrated in the work process and the integration of the learning needs to be a specifically big part of it.

Marion’s practical knowledge and experience, enthusiasm and passion for Signs of Safety works as a motivator and inspiration for participants to really dig in deep.