Signs of Safety Advanced Training

6-day online Advanced Training

3–4, 10–11, 17–18 November 2022

6-day workshop spread over 3 weeks throughout November 2022
09.15 am – 16.30 pm UTC+0

This workshop will be held online via Zoom

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Country: United Kingdom 🇬🇧

Emma Hopper and Mari Jayne, licensed Signs of Safety Practice and IT Accredited Trainers and Consultants are excited to offer a 6-day Advanced Safety Planning training workshop. The Advanced training is aimed at practitioners, practice leaders, principle social workers and managers working in both statutory and voluntary organisations. The course is applicable to those working with children in care and all children who are in need of support and protection. This workshop is best suited to those in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

We will use real life situations to guide participants through a process using the core learning methods of Signs of Safety i.e. Group Supervision and Appreciative Inquiry and the core practice methods of analysis and safety planning.

The workshop runs for 6 full days, spread over 3 weeks in November as below:

3–4 November 2022
9.15am – 16.30pm UTC+0

10–11 November 2022
9.15am – 16.30pm UTC+0

17–18 November 2022
9.15am – 16.30pm UTC+0

Mari and Emma have delivered this Advanced Training online previously to groups of practitioners across North East authorities and are now excited to extend the invitation to other organisations in the UK and Ireland. Feedback from those who have participated in the training has been that coming together with other organisations who are also using Signs of Safety is invaluable and increases the learning and networking opportunities.


I would love for the trainers to be aware of just how uplifting and positive I found the training, basically there was not an hour of the training that I did not find informative and an opportunity for my learning and development to be enhanced. Thank you for arranging this for us.

Practice Lead


What I particularly enjoyed in the training was working in groups with professionals from different local authorities and learning together. The training was engaging, informative, and the facilitators have a high level of expertise.

Practice Lead


It was a great opportunity to meet with other practitioners and Practice Leads doing the same work of implementing Signs of Safety. To get the chance to see the approach role modelled by Emma and Mari who are passionate and practiced in the approach and then to work through a family situation using each part of the process. To really dig into the child centred practice and develop further the skills of questioning.

Practice Lead


This course pushed me out of my comfort zone, it made me question and then question again, the decisions and focus of our work with young people. Working with the support of fellow practitioners, I felt empowered to re-frame the ‘go-to’ questions we typically ask.



The six-day Advanced online training that Mari and Emma delivered was a great mix of pre-course case studies, large group work and smaller interactive group work focussing on live cases. It was also invaluable to be able to speak to other local authorities about their experience of implementation...a great opportunity to bring my Signs of Safety knowledge bang up to date and also to build on my own professional networks which I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to do had I not attended online.

Practice Development Worker


I found it extremely useful being involved with other local authorities, to learn from them and hear their experiences of using Signs of Safety. It also provided insight into the IT System and how this supported practice. The training following the group supervision format helped me to see how other local authorities practice and how we could use some of these skills.

Practice Development Worker


  • Registration is open now.
  • Each participant must register individually and attend using their own computer so they can fully participate in the group and breakout activities.
  • This practice workshop will be held over Zoom. Please make sure your organisation can use Zoom before registering! The workshop will be interactive. To help facilitate this, we ask all participants to be on audio and video for the session. Please join from a computer with good internet connectivity (to the best of your ability) with a webcam and use a set of headphones with a microphone. Using headphones with a microphone rather than your computer’s built-in speakers and microphone will improve the quality of your audio and help improve everybody’s experience of the workshop.
  • The cost for the 6-day workshop is £280.00 + VAT for the full 6 days
  • Once you have successfully registered, you will be sent all the information you need to participate in the Zoom workshop including Zoom meeting ID and password prior to the workshop commencing. If you haven’t received your email with Zoom details by the day of the workshop, please remember to check your Junk folder for these details or contact urgently so you don’t miss out!


Mari Jayne

Mari Jayne is a licensed Signs of Safety Trainer and Consultant and draws on over 30 years of experience working in children’s services as a practitioner and as a manager. She has worked across the continuum of service: Early Help; Child in Need; Child Protection; and Children Looked After.
Mari’s introduction to Signs of Safety came in 2006 when she was working in North Yorkshire in 2006. She saw first-hand the difference the approach made when working with children, young people and their families, and how important it is to involve children, parents and their naturally-connected network in the decision-making process.
Mari gained an international perspective while working as an agency lead for Signs of Safety in Child Welfare organisation in Ontario, Canada.
Mari is a keen advocate of Group Supervision and Appreciative Inquiry, having seen as a manager how this can be used to build strong teams where learning and inquiry are promoted.
Since 2015, Mari has delivered training and consultancy to organisations across the United Kingdom.
Mari has developed knowledge and expertise in the relatively new Signs of Safety IT solution, recognising how important it is for workers to have an electronic recording system that supports their work.
Currently, she is the lead for the Signs of Safety North East and Yorkshire regional network, which enables agencies to network and support one another in their implementation journeys.

Emma Hopper is a Signs of Safety Trainer/Consultant with 14 years social work practice, with much of this time using the Signs of Safety approach in all areas of practice. Emma has been licensed since 2014, working across the UK, with most recently leading the one-year North Tyneside learning lab, an intensive action learning process undertaken with staff, managers and leaders to test and refine the Signs of Safety IT Solution. This project contributed to Ofsted (English Audit Commission) rating North Tyneside as outstanding in March 2020.