Custody and Access

Custody and Access

2 November 2022

1 pm – 4 pm Eastern

CAD$135 plus HST

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“The significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them.”

Country: Canada 🇨🇦

Custody and Access

Custody and access cases are some of the most frustrating files in CP work. Too often, workers complain that they’d rather manage another complicated abuse case than one involving custody and access issues. Unfortunately, the uniqueness of these cases is precisely what causes front-line workers so much angst.

Workers report that these situations are challenging to manage because they feel caught between two warring parties, each clamouring to convince child protection that they are in the right. Consequently, workers can be distracted by ‘case noise’ and often take sides ending up in much the same position as the child; trying to figure out which caregiver is in the ‘right’.

For the first time, you can participate in an innovative, creative, and exclusive half-day workshop focused on resolving this dilemma. Join us and enhance your skill set. Utilising a bit of teaching, case examples and mostly group work, you can challenge yourself, learn from other participants and strengthen your abilities to facilitate custody and access cases with a new-found purpose. Who knows, you might learn to love them.

This half-day workshop will help participants:

  1. Highlight callers’ motives (promotes awareness)
  2. Clarify workers’ role (create clarity and purpose process)
  3. Create a shared vision for safety
  4. Draw attention back to the impact on the child
  5. Bring the child’s voice back into the centre of it all
  6. Facilitate lasting safety plans/co-parenting plans
  7. Maintain neutrality

Who should consider this workshop?

These sessions are designed for participants interested in learning how to facilitate or help others manage and facilitate custody and access files.


  • Reduced frustration and anxiety
  • Aligned plans toward safety and wellbeing
  • Clarity and vision


  • Registrations are open now
  • Workshops last for three hours 1pm – 4pm Eastern Time
  • Workshops are CAD$135 plus HST per person
  • To register please contact