Signs of Safety UK Leadership Day 2019

UK Leadership Day


23rd September 2019

10.00 am – 4.30 pm

Hamilton House
Mabledon Place
London WC1H 9BD
United Kingdom

Cost: £240 + VAT 20%

includes lunch, morning/afternoon refreshments

The 8th Annual Signs of Safety UK Leadership Day facilitated by Professor Eileen Munro, Terry Murphy, Joke Wiggerink, Tracey Hill and Pippa Young

Landing grand practice in everyday organisations

The use of Signs of Safety continues to grow in the United Kingdom and internationally, learning from new challenges with implementations in the third world and indigenous communities as well as the already challenging work in well-established children’s service systems across the first world.

The job of leading children’s services through austerity and political contention in the United Kingdom continues to be tough. Landing the practice comprehensively and with high quality faces challenges from legacy systems and multiple reform agendas in organisations. With every year and with every new organisation joining the Signs of Safety community, we become more effective in landing grand practice in everyday organisations.

Implementation continues to take focus, determination, up-to-date knowledge and bold leadership. Being part of a community of peers with a similar focus can make a big difference. Networking with peer colleagues at the Signs of Safety Leadership Day always brings new opportunities to organisations.

This 8th annual Signs of Safety Leadership Day will support the journey of organisations across the UK, bringing you up-to-date with developments in the Signs of Safety practice and resources, and critically, in the implementation framework and methods. You will have the opportunity to hear from colleagues about their successes and struggles and to share your own as well as learn about the latest solutions to our universal challenges.

What’s happening and what’s new in Signs of Safety — updates on all the developments in Signs of Safety practice and implementation over the past year, successes and struggles in the UK.

Signs of Success (for Young Offender and Looked After Children services) — applying the Signs of Safety approach with trauma-informed practice, and the desistance theory for offending behaviour to make a critical difference to the lives of young people.

Whole system change — the phrase is almost a cliché; reform agendas can be so broad that it is difficult to distinguish the essential focuses for real change. The long experience of implementing Signs of Safety is becoming clear about what matters most for success.

Surviving and thriving with Ofsted — the world seems to stop as an inspection approaches and almost every decision seems to taken through an inspection lens. How do we lead, manage and practice so that we take inspections in our stride?

At 9.00am before the event, there will also be the opportunity to have a demonstration of the Signs of Safety information management systems provided in the UK by Liquidlogic and Servelec.

Eileen Munro is Emeritus Professor of Social Policy at the London School of Economics. Professor Munro has written extensively on how best to combine intuitive and analytic reasoning in risk assessment and decision-making in child protection. The third edition of her most well-known book, Effective Child Protection, is about to be published. In May 2011 Professor Munro completed the Munro Review of the English Child Protection System. The Review describes the limits of a policy of bureaucratic control in the prevention of severe child abuse arguing for growing a system that values and organises around frontline professional expertise. 

Terry Murphy led the implementation of the Signs of Safety approach in the State of Western Australia for six years in his role as Director General of the Department for Child Protection and Family Support. He is a partner at Munro, Turnell & Murphy Child Protection Consulting with his primary responsibility being to coordinate key international Signs of Safety system-wide implementations and to lead and advise the licensed Signs of Safety consultants.

Joke Wiggerink is the Executive Director for Signs of Safety International and was previously the Regional Director for Signs of Safety Europe. She has worked for over 20 years in child welfare and child protection. From 2006 she worked as Assistant Director of the Youth Care Agency in Drenthe until finishing with the agency as the director in 2016. She led the implementation of Signs of Safety throughout the whole organisation. For this implementation, she brought Andrew Turnell to Drenthe and she has trained with him for many years. She has specialised in investigating the parallel processes that are necessary for the implementation process. Joke now works full-time as a Signs of Safety Trainer and Consultant.

Tracey Hill is a social worker with over 20 years’ experience with a long involvement Signs of Safety including when North Yorkshire started to implement Signs of Safety in 2005. Tracey was appointed as the Regional Director for Signs of Safety in the UK and Ireland earlier in 2019. In this role she leads a team of 16 independent Trainers and Consultants who between them are working with over 50 statutory organisations in England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

Pippa Young worked as a social worker and manager in children’s services for 15 years and later moved to work for one of the leading case management suppliers in the UK. In that role she helped design and develop the first accredited Signs of Safety IT solution. This career path makes her current role as Director of IT and Practice Alignment at Signs of Safety a great fit for her skills and knowledge and she continues to work with suppliers and local authorities to promote whole system alignment and ensure IT solutions are making a positive contribution to practitioners, families and organisations.