Children’s Aid Society of Hamilton

The Children’s Aid Society of Hamilton was established in 1894 as a not-for-profit charitable organization focusing on the well-being and protection of children. The Society is mandated under The Child and Family Services Act of Ontario and, as such, is required by law to protect children from physical, sexual and emotional abuse and harm.

It is funded by the Ontario government, through the Ministry of Children & Youth Services and is one of 53 Children’s Aid Societies across Ontario.

Protecting children from potential harm is our priority. We attempt to do this by working together with parents, extended family, community professionals and other members of the community to reduce harmful circumstances and address areas of concern. In a large number of situations, the Society provides services and supports to children and families in their own homes. Child Protection Workers will consult and plan with other professionals who know the child, such as teachers, doctors, public health nurses and other community partners to address immediate issues and establish a plan for future service, as well as help families build a network of support to aid in their ability to provide appropriate care.

Depending on the risk, it may be determined that it is not in the child’s best interest to remain in his/her home for a short or extended period of time. In this situation, the Society works with the family to determine if a suitable kin home can be offered to the child through extended family, family friends, neighbours or community members. If an alternative kin caregiver cannot be found, the Society will provide a nurturing and safe home environment, most often in the form of a foster home. In situations where children are placed with kin, or brought into CAS care, Child Protection Workers will continue to work with parents to address issues of concern and plan for the child’s return or develop an alternative plan of care.

In some cases, children need to be placed permanently away from home, and whenever possible, CAS will arrange adoptions for these children.

Our Vision:

A community where every child is a gift to be valued, nurtured, and kept safe.

Our Mission:

The Children’s Aid Society of Hamilton, in partnership with families and our community, is committed to the safety, protection, and well-being of children and the strengthening of families, while valuing diversity and promoting equity.

Our Values:

Children developing to their full potential within a safe and healthy environment
Positive, permanent relationships for children and youth

The essential role of family in the lives of children

Respectful communication and collaboration with children, families, agency colleagues and community

Quality Service
Personal integrity
Pursuit of professional excellence
Progressive approach to services delivery
Effective and efficient use of resources