The Power of Partnership Video and Workbook

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How to use the Signs of Safety in Child Protection Casework.

“The Power of Partnership video and workbook is quite simply the best way to introduce the Signs of Safety to people who are new to the approach. What’s more—it always inspires and deepens the practice of those who
know the model well.”

Andrew Turnell


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This 30-minute, professionally produced video powerfully depicts the use of the Signs of Safety approach with a ‘multi-problem’ family being investigated for unexplained injuries to baby ‘Amy’, domestic violence and physical abuse to the eight-year-old ‘Max’. It follows the work with the family from case commencement to the first safety plan and reunification. It shows the initial investigation, the work with ‘Max’, building a safety network, conferencing, words and pictures work and safety planning from the point-of view of the organisation Jeugdbescherming Noord (formerly Bureau Jeugdzorg Drenthe) who have been implementing the Signs of Safety in the Netherlands since 2007.

Equally important as the story of the direct casework, the film describes the supervisory and organisational implementation arrangements that support the Signs of Safety work in practice.

The video features professional actors taking the family member’s roles, while the professionals are actual Dutch child protection workers.

This video offers probably the best and most dynamic way to quickly present the Signs of Safety approach to child protection casework to those new to the model and also offers a clear, succinct vision of how to put the Signs into practice that is always compelling to professionals who already use the approach.

The 120-page Power of Partnership workbook is the perfect companion to the video, providing extensive detail for practitioners, supervisors, managers and directors explaining how to undertake the practice presented in the video as well as detailing the organisational arrangements required to best support the practice. Building from the work and case example presented in the video the workbook details:

  • Signs of Safety assessment (mapping)
  • The use of children’s tools used to directly involve the children and teenagers and deepen the assessment and planning
  • Building a safety network around the family
  • Developing a case trajectory
  • Creating a family-driven safety plan
  • Building and deepening the practice through individual and group supervision.

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– The workbook is available in English and Swedish.

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