Joke Wiggerink

Joke Wiggerink
Country: Nederland
Languages: Engels, Nederlands
CEO — Elia; Gelicentieerd Signs of Safety Trainer en Consultant
Biografie is alleen beschikbaar in het Engels

Joke Wiggerink has been working for 20 years in child welfare and child protection. From 2006 she worked as Deputy Director of the Youth Care Agency in Drenthe. She then led the implementation of Signs of Safety throughout the organisation. For this implementation, she brought Andrew Turnell to Drenthe and she has trained with him for many years.

She also closely works with Andrew to further develop Signs of Safety for his organisation, Resolutions Consultancy, and she is currently the Regional Manager for them in the Netherlands.

Joke has specialized in investigating the parallel processes that are necessary for the implementation process. It is important that Signs of Safety is woven throughout the organisation and that there is no difference between how customers are approached, the staff are supervised and how the organization is run. On this subject, she gave a presentation on the Signs of Safety Gathering in Western Australia in November 2012.