Rosina Harvey-Keeping

Rosina Harvey-Keeping
Country: Canada
Languages: English
Regional Director, Canada, Licensed Signs of Safety Trainer & Consultant
Rosina Harvey-Keeping is the Regional Director for Elia International in Canada. She has 20 years of experience in working in the field of child welfare. As a licensed Trainer and Consultant, Rosina is passionate about whole system change, working alongside leaders to learn from children, families, and practitioners about what sets them up to work towards success in improving safety and well-being for children with those to whom they belong. She has worked in whole system implementations in the country of Ireland, the province of Alberta and the territory of the Yukon in Canada. Rosina has also been working with alongside many Children’s Aid Societies in Ontario structuring and leading whole system implementation of Signs of Safety.

Rosina is fiercely committed, both personally and professionally, to upholding Truth and Reconciliation in her home country of Canada. You will often hear Rosina say that truth and reconciliation for indigenous people of Canada is much more than words on paper for her. It’s what drives her in a fierce journey for changing the face of child welfare.

Beyond her work as a licensed Trainer and Consultant, Rosina is a mother, sister, wife, daughter, and auntie who lives in Newfoundland Canada with her son and husband to be close to her own support network.