Sherry Amelse

Country: United States
Languages: English
Licensed Signs of Safety Trainer and Consultant
Sherry Amelse is a child protection investigator at Carver County Community Social Services in Chaska, Minnesota where she has been part of a system-wide Signs of Safety journey, with consultation from Dr. Andrew Turnell, since 2007. Having over 17 years of experience as a frontline practitioner, primarily as an investigator, Sherry knows first-hand the value Signs of Safety brings to the everyday, on-the-ground work with families, especially when integrated from the first contact. Sherry is especially passionate about using Signs of Safety to build effective partnerships with families by positioning children at the center of the work.

Since re-joining the Carver County team in 2007, Sherry has had numerous opportunities to share her work at trainings, gatherings, webinars and workshops worldwide. In March 2010, Sherry presented her work at the Chaska Gathering and in October 2010, she was invited to co-present with Dr. Turnell in Japan.

In 2011, Sherry joined the team at SafeGenerations in Chaska, Minnesota as an Associate Trainer and she became a licensed Signs of Safety Trainer in February 2013. Other frontline practitioners relate easily with Sherry since she knows the real joys and challenges of doing this work every day and is willing to openly share her own struggles as well as her successes.