Katarina Elmehed

Land: Zweden
E-mail: katarina.elmehed@signsofsafety.net
Talen: Engels, Zweeds
Gelicentieerd Signs of Safety Trainer
Biografie is alleen beschikbaar in het Engels

Katarina Elmehed has been working in child protection since 2005. From the start of 2005 until May 2017 she held a position within in the Child protection agency of Sollentuna, Stockholm. Today she works full-time as a Signs of Safety trainer at Landa Familjevård. Throughout her role within child protection, she has worked as part of the intake team and youth team respectively. Katarina has been working with ‘Signs of Safety’ in practice since 2011 and has a particular focus, working hard to achieve good working relationships with the families and children as this is crucial to building safety for the children. Her vast experience in the field has shown that Signs of Safety answers the question of “how” child protection work can be achieved in a more human and including way for children, families and professionals alike.