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Safety Planning for Senior Managers Workshop

How safe is the safety planning in your organisation? Good outcomes for children depend on good safety plans. Workers are vulnerable too, if their safety planning is weak. Following the success of this workshop in April 2021, Joke Wiggerink and Terry Murphy are returning with a repeat of this half-day workshop on this critical topic for senior child protection leaders. Joke and Terry will talk from their own experiences of struggles and successes from their time leading a child protection organisation as well as working internationally with agencies implementing the Signs of Safety. The workshop is open to all leaders and senior managers of child protection agencies. Facilitated by Joke Wiggerink and Terry Murphy.


Risk Assessment Workshop, Ontario

The Risk Assessment 2-day workshop equips participants with the disciplines and skills to effectively and through relationships utilise the Harm Analysis Matrix, conduct a rigorous exploration of the middle column (strengths and existing safety), create sharp correlated danger statements, safety goals and safety scales. Facilitated by Avi Versanov, Cynthia McLeod and Theresa Vinokuroff.

14 OCTOBER 2021

All UK Leadership Day Workshop

A half-day workshop discussing the transformation of looked after children practice plus reflections and learnings on 10 years after the Munro Review and EIP Research. Facilitated by Terry Murphy, Joke Wiggerink, Andrew Turnell, Eileen Munro and Tracey Hill.

28 OCTOBER – 29 OCTOBER 2021

Safety Networks Workshop, Ontario

The Safety Network 2-day workshop equips participants with the disciplines and skills to facilitate the creation, assessment and sustainability of networks.  Practice streamlining processes utilising various methods, strategies led by pointed questions for engaging families and their networks in the safety planning process. Facilitated by Avi Versanov, Cynthia McLeod and Theresa Vinokuroff.


Safety Planning Workshop, Ontario

The Safety Planning 2-day workshop equips participants with the disciplines and skills to create and effectively utilise the safety planning timeline and trajectory.  Participants will use group supervision and the safety planning worksheet to clarify and understand caregiver stressors, triggers and red flags, the collaborative creation of the safety rules, discuss the challenges, success and workarounds to testing and refining long-term safety plans and create a child-friendly Words and Pictures safety plan. Lastly, the facilitators will also lead discussions about effective ways to help networks and caregivers sustain the safety plan long after child protection closed the case. Facilitated by Avi Versanov, Cynthia McLeod and Theresa Vinokuroff.

2021 Online Internationale Signs of Safety Gathering

Het thema dit jaar is: “Born to Belong”. Zoals gebruikelijk staan hier de ervaringen van de jeugdzorgwerkers van over de hele wereld centraal. De Gathering is volledig Engelstalig en meer informatie over het event is daarom in het Engels beschikbaar.

7–9 DECEMBER 2021

Signs of Safety Gathering, Sweden

This two-day Gathering will serve as a learning journey for practitioners and leaders who will be the audience as well as the presenters. There will also be a Leaders’ Day with the municipality of Jönköping, focusing on the Signs of Safety Theory of Change, the Mission Critical Roadmap, and dig deeper into the whole system implementation journey with both international guests as well as leaders from Swedish municipalities.