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Andrew Turnell at the University of Cumbria
Addressing the balance of knowledge at the University of Cumbria

This article was first published in The Cumberland News, Friday May 17th 2019 In May 2019, Professor Andrew Turnell gave an address at the University of Cumbria’s third annual social work conference. This year’s theme is Social Work Synthesis — …

Territory Families
Implementation Underway in Australia’s Northern Territory

Article by Terry Murphy, Pene Turnell and Andrew Turnell Elia is embracing the challenge of implementation in the geographically vast Northern Territory, one of Australia’s eight jurisdictions of States and Territories. Aboriginal people make up around a quarter of the …

IT Systems
Making a difference at the cross-section of IT and Practice

At Elia we know how important it is for practitioners to have access to the best IT solutions to support their case recording. This means using a system that reflects the Signs of Safety practice approach from Early Help through …