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Lumos Nepal
Against Orphanages: An Impassioned Plea

by Professor Andrew Turnell Please read this article: The over-developed, over-commodified, colonising rich world is playing out its shadow side and desire to feel good about itself in orphanages across the developing world. Well-meaning people like ourselves through our desire …

Professor Andrew Turnell
Dr Andrew Turnell’s accepts Social Work Practice Professorship at Cumbria University

It is an honour to be offered the position of Social Work Professor of Practice at Cumbria University and I am delighted to take up the position. I have a strong affinity to the north of England since my work …

Test Your Connection for the Gathering Livestream

The start of the 12th International Signs of Safety is now less than two weeks away. If you are one of the people or organisations planning to participate via the free livestream you can test your connection right now to …