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UK Regional Network Workshops

Workshops will now be held online, monthly by each region. The lead Signs of Safety Consultant will send out Go To Meeting invitations to participants. The workshops will be targeted at Signs of Safety Project Leads, and Heads of Service with an implementation and practice focus, particularly emphasising safety planning during COVID-19.


Online Practice Workshop

Analysis: Danger Statements, Safety Goals and Safety Scales online practice workshop. In this workshop, participants will explore the key elements of danger statements, safety goals and safety scales, discuss the challenges and practise the group supervision method of preparing them. Facilitated by Haley Muir (licensed Signs of Safety Trainer) and Mari Jayne, (licensed Signs of Safety Trainer and Consultant).

8 OCTOBER 2020

Online Practice Workshop

Safety Planning: Timeline and Trajectory online practice workshop. This workshop will explain how professionals can create a clear agreed timeline and trajectory that will be a huge motivator for parents and will simplify and focus the safety planning work for practitioners. Facilitated by Haley Muir (licensed Signs of Safety Trainer) and Wendy Hill, (licensed Signs of Safety Trainer and Consultant).


Senior Management Overview on Safety Planning

This Facebook Live session with Joke Wiggerink and Terry Murphy — both former CEO’s of child welfare organisations — will examine what we need to do as senior managers and leaders to know that our safety planning is as good as it needs to be.


2020 International Signs of Safety Gathering

The 13th International Signs of Safety Gathering will be held in Calgary, Canada during 19–21 October 2020. The theme for this year’s International Gathering is “Born to Belong”. As always, the event will showcase practice from child protection practitioners and leaders from around the globe. Click below for more information and for registration.


Online Practice Workshop

Safety Planning: Preparation, Monitoring and Review online practice workshop. In this workshop we’re going to look at how to prepare for safety planning sessions as well as looking at the key issues, how professionals can know whether the family and safety network are actually following the safety plan, and whether they’ll stick with it after the professionals close the case. Facilitated by Wendy Hill (licensed Signs of Safety Trainer and Consultant) and Kerry Yendall (licensed Signs of Safety Trainer).


2020 Signs of Safety Gathering Sweden

On 1–2 December 2020 there will be a two-day Gathering in Sweden that will serve as a learning journey for practitioners and leaders. On the 3rd of December is the Leaders Day with the municipality of Jönköping. This day will dig deeper into the whole system implementation journey.

7 DECEMBER 2020 / 8 DECEMBER 2020

Aboriginal-First Nations Voices in Child Protection Online Gathering

Elia is proud to be hosting this Gathering event for the second successive year, bringing together international Aboriginal-First Nations voices in child protection from Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the United States. Please note that due to the global spread of our Aboriginal-First Nations leaders and practitioners, the event could be either on Monday 7th or Tuesday 8th December, depending on your location.

10 DECEMBER 2020

Online Practice Workshop

Appreciative Inquiry online practice workshop. This workshop focuses on how to create a culture of Appreciative Inquiry around children’s services that will create more hope, confidence, connection and intelligence in our practice. Facilitated by Emma Hopper (licensed Signs of Safety Trainer and Consultant) and Mari Jayne (licensed Signs of Safety Trainer and Consultant).