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Signs of Safety UK Leadership Day 2019

**This event is now sold out**

This 8th annual Signs of Safety Leadership Day will support the journey of organisations across the UK, bringing you up-to-date with developments in the Signs of Safety practice and resources, and critically, in the framework and methods.

Facilitators include Professor Eileen Munro, Terry Murphy,  Joke Wiggerink, Tracey Hill and Pippa Young.

21–25 OCTOBER 2019

Signs of Safety 2019 Fall Residency

This Signs of Safety Residency is targeted at deepening frontline workers’ use of the Signs of Safety while also equipping senior practitioners, supervisors and managers to take the lead in implementing the approach within their agency.

19–21 OCTOBER 2020

2020 International Signs of Safety Gathering

The 13th International Signs of Safety Gathering will be held in Calgary, Canada during 19–21 October 2020. As always, the event will showcase practice from child protection practitioners and leaders from around the globe. Click below for more information and for registration.