Carole Cole

Carole Cole
Country: Verenigde Staten
Languages: Engels
Gelicentieerd Signs of Safety Trainer 🔵
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Carole Cole has been working as a front line investigative social worker for 25 years in Carver County, Minnesota.  She was introduced to Andrew Turnell and the Signs of Safety approach in 2005 when Carver County began working extensively with Dr. Turnell to implement the practice in child protection case work with families.  Having the opportunity to work closely with Dr. Turnell over the next ten years in trainings and through ongoing consultation, allowed Carole to deepen her practice, share her biggest learnings with others, and assist families in successful safety planning for their children.

Carole began sharing her knowledge and work around the state of Minnesota, with other states, and around the world presenting at four World Gatherings.  She first became a licensed Signs of Safety trainer in 2013.  She also became a Trainer for Minnesota’s Department of Human Services in 2012 and has provided Signs of Safety training throughout the state for County and Tribal workers.  A highlight in Carole’s career was training alongside Andrew Turnell in Japan in 2010.  What makes her trainings unique is she provides a rare glimpse into applying the principles and practices in front line, investigative work.  She can give many examples from her practice to back up training theory.  She can speak to her own initial resistance to the introduction of Signs of Safety into an agency practicing traditional social work, how that was worked through and all the benefits her implementation have brought to her work with families and in her life.   Some of these things include less Court involvement, fewer placements, and incredibly rewarding work with families.

Capturing the child’s voice and keeping it alive and central in the case work is one of Carole’s passions.  After attending an intensive training with Susanne Essex, she embraced Word and Picture stories for children as a hugely important tool to help parents and children move forward in safety planning, and she’s inspired co-workers and social workers across Minnesota to incorporate this into their own work. Carole is especially interested in keeping children safe in their own homes.  When rigorous safety planning is begun the first day of a new investigation while the motivation for the family and their network is high, while keeping the child central in the case and the focus on safety, and when the skillful use of authority is applied, she has assisted families in moving forward to successful safety planning to case closure.