Diana Nikosjkova

Diana Nikosjkova
Country: Zweden
Email: diana.nikosjkova@signsofsafety.net
Languages: Engels, Spaans, Russisch, Zweeds
Gelicentieerd Signs of Safety Trainer 🔵
iana Nikosjkova has worked as a social worker at child and youth departments in Sweden since 2012. Diana undertook her first Signs of Safety training 2015 and has been working with Signs of Safety in practice since then. Diana has been working fulltime as a Safety Planning Coordinator since 2018. Diana works directly with children, youth and their families and also supports social workers in using the Signs of Safety approach and tools in assessments and in doing safety planning and success planning. Diana has a focus on honoring children, youth, their family members and support people and her co-workers and she believes that this together with strength and safety questions is the foundation of good relationships. Diana's specialty is to find and involve big social networks who can help children, youth and their parents and she is one of few in Sweden to create success plannings with youths and their social networks.