Hannah Lindahl

Hannah Lindahl
Country: Zweden
Email: hannah.lindahl@signsofsafety.net
Languages: Zweeds
Gelicentieerd Signs of Safety Trainer 🔵
Hannah has been in social work since 2008 and her interest of Signs of Safety began to grow as she became a social worker in children's services in the Municipality of Värnamo in 2011.

During the following years, she built up her knowledge and determination to make change on an organisational level to improve the social work in her municipality. She became a trainer of the Swedish national assessment framework BBIC and in 2016 the team leader of her team. In 2018, Hannah became responsible of the implementation of Signs of Safety in Värnamo as she entered the management as an operations developer in the social service office of Värnamo.

Between 2018–2022, Hannah has supported groups and leaders into using the Signs of Safety approach, methods and tools, not only in children's services but in the whole system of social services, such as addiction treatment, financial support, and preventive social work.

One conviction Hannah has is the power of working with the whole system and using the same language in the social services office; putting the child or individual in the centre and that the Signs of Safety approach is an important path into achieving that mission. If you can start building good relationships and cooperation, you can do what once inspired you to become a social worker — real change for the people we are dedicated to serve. Hannah's belief is that by doing this together, and involving those who are affected, you can change the whole culture and pride of social work.

Today, Hannah is working full-time as a licensed trainer at ReForma, together with Linn van Bruggen, Katarina Rey and Nova Nilsdotter, with the goal supporting organisations with whole system implementation.