Henrik Vesterhauge-Petersen

Country: Denemarken
Email: solution@solutionfocus.dk
Languages: Deens, Engels
Gelicentieerd Signs of Safety Trainer & Consultant 🟠🔵
Biografie is alleen beschikbaar in het Engels

Henrik Vesterhauge-Petersen works as brief family therapist, trainer, supervisor and consultant at SOLUTION, Denmark’s leading Solution Focused training centre.

Henrik's work experience includes 4 years in frontline child protection practice and 15 years managing a private treatment and rehabilitation agency, where he has implemented Solution Focused practice in client work as well as with organisations and their management personnel.

Since 2001, Henrik has been involved in implementing Signs of Safety and Solution Focused practices in agencies across Denmark, including frontline child protection work, foster home placement, work with disabled children, teenagers at risk and family treatment programmes. His work includes training and supervision of workers and managers, organisational implementation strategies and evaluation. Together with Andrew and Mette, Henrik is the co-writer on the first Danish book on Signs of Safety published by Hans Reitzels Forlag in 2013.