Linn van Bruggen

Linn van Bruggen
Country: Zweden
Languages: Engels, Zweeds
Gelicentieerd Signs of Safety Trainer & Consultant 🟠🔵
Biografie is alleen beschikbaar in het Engels

Linn van Bruggen started working as a child protection practitioner in 1998. Over the years she has worked with both small children and teenagers and she’s been working in intake teams, as investigator and for the last six years as a team leader/head of a unit. Linn undertook her first Signs of Safety training in 2009 and has been on a learning journey since then. In 2014 she was a part of starting up a safety planning team within her agency (a Swedish governmental child protection agency in Falun) and today she is the team leader for this group. Besides this, Linn is a licensed Signs of Safety Trainer and Consultant. In her training she uses all of her own experience of the work, both as child protection worker and as team leader.

Over the years Linn has experienced different sides and difficulties within child protection work, both in the direct work with the families and within child protection agencies. Since she started to work with the Signs of Safety, she has learned that the approach provides a good way of working together with the children, their families and their network but also provides (and requires) a new way of leading the practice. She knows that good leadership is necessary in the child protection field and that the agencies have to provide a good environment for learning and dealing with risk thresholds.