Sabine Epperstein

Sabine Epperlein
Country: Duitsland
Languages: Duits
Gelicentieerd Signs of Safety Trainer 🔵
Sabine has worked in child protection organisations for 20 years, starting as a social worker, working directly with children, teenagers and their families. In 2014, Sabine became a team leader, and in 2022, she was promoted to a senior leadership position, responsible for the quality of the work for the whole organisation.

Sabine was first introduced to Signs of Safety in 2017 during training and got really inspired of the idea of doing safety planning ‘with’ families and their networks and not doing it ‘to‘ them. Sabine still supervises a few high-risk cases and likes to co-lead network meetings to reach more safety for the children they work with.

In Sabine’s role as Project Leader, she coordinated the very first Signs of Safety implementation in Germany. In this role she is still active but also supports other children protection organisations with their implementation of Signs of Safety.

Sabine finds the strength of the Signs of Safety approach is the focus on the child and their families. She especially finds the visualisations of other tools in Signs of Safety most helpful. Sabine remains passionate about her work and would like to keep on inspiring others during their implementation, in her role as the first native trainer in Germany.