2017 International Gathering

The 11th International Signs of Safety Gathering was held in Kansas City and co-hosted by the Missouri Department of Social Services from 24–26 October 2017. The theme: Celebrating Everyday Successes. 

Boldness. Innovation. Courage. Curiosity. Humility. Relationships. These are all characteristics that define great child protection practice, and great leadership. But in a time of highly polarised and controversial politics, natural disasters, terrorist attacks and threats to democracy, it can be easy to forget about the incredible achievements being made by child protection workers in everyday practice. In the tradition of previous International Signs of Safety Gatherings, you are invited to participate in exploring compelling practice from the field of child protection; hearing directly from those on the front lines. Leaders, practitioners, policy makers and community partners can have a front-row seat to learn from those who are changing the approach to child protection work across the globe.

For decades, children’s services has become increasingly blame-ridden, problem-saturated and policy-driven. The Signs of Safety can transform child practice by putting children, their families and their naturally-connected networks at the centre of the work – assessment, planning and decision making. However, to create sustainable child protection transformation, agencies must reach beyond the practice model, and deliver major innovations in agency leadership, culture, procedures and structure.


Download the full event programme (PDF).


The Kansas Gathering featured 29 fantastic presentations. Video from five of them are available to view on the Signs of Safety Knowledge Bank.

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All the presentations from this and other International Gatherings are always available through an organisational subscription to the Knowledge Bank.

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Gathering presentations are an incredibly valuable learning resource and we often receive requests to have more presentations available free and for longer. We would love to make them all available for free but producing these videos costs money and we support their production through organisational subscriptions to the Knowledge Bank.

So that there are always good learning resources available, we keep five presentations from the most recent two International Gatherings available at all times. These videos are selected to include a strong presentation on each key theme or topic covered at that Gathering.