2020 International Signs of Safety Gathering postponed until 2021

Gathering Postponed

Across the planet, COVID-19 has turned everyone’s world upside down. Elia had hoped we could still run the 2020 International Signs of Safety Gathering in this calendar year but with all the uncertainty about how long COVID-19 will affect our world, it’s become clear we need to postpone the event.

Elia is postponing the International Signs of Safety Gathering for 12 months but we are looking forward to still holding the event in Calgary in Canada in the second half of 2021. As soon as the new arrangements for the Gathering are finalised, we will announce the exact details on signsofsafety.net and all our social media.

Everyone who has already registered and paid for a place at the 2020 Gathering will automatically be assigned a place at the 2021 event. For those who are unsure if they can attend the 2021 event and want to reclaim their registration, Elia will fully refund any bookings already made for the 2020 Gathering. Anyone who has registered their interest in being a presenter and has submitted an application to present at the 2020 Gathering will be contacted directly by our Executive Director of Practice, Pene Turnell.

Though it’s sad to lose the 2020 Gathering, next year’s replacement will be all the more energising as we come out of our enforced hibernation and meet again to share our best work. We will also undoubtedly be able to celebrate the many lessons we are learning from doing our work through the challenges of COVID-19.