Celebrating Great Practice

In our run up to the Online International Signs of Safety Gathering (30 Nov–2 Dec), we will be taking a look back at some of the most inspirational presentations from the past. In the coming months, every two weeks, we will feature a different presentation that has only been previously available to Knowledge Bank subscribers and make it freely available to watch. These presentations are courageous and discuss the challenges faced and determination required sometimes as a practitioner working with families.

Celebrating Great Practice

Our first featured presentation “Signs of Safety with teens: understanding, clarity and belonging” was by Ross Layton, a practitioner working in Melbourne, originally presented at our International Gathering in Kansas City, 2017.

After becoming increasingly inquisitive about Signs of Safety over several years, Ross was instrumental in bringing the approach to social workers in the Cambodian Children’s Trust.

After returning to Australia in 2016, Ross was determined to use Signs of Safety wherever possible in his day-to-day child protection work with adolescents. Being creative and courageous, Ross challenged himself to use the approach in an organisation where Signs of Safety is not the recognised practice model.

This presentation is FREE to watch for everyone, right now on the Knowledge Bank until 31st August.