Elia-Diona partnership delivers Signs of Safety digital practice tools

Elia is delighted to announce a new partnership with the software company Diona. Based in Dublin Ireland, Diona specialises in developing digital solutions that assist practitioners in their direct work engaging with children, families and their networks. Diona solutions are now Signs of Safety-accredited and can integrate with any case management system.

Diona solutions include a fully accredited suite of capabilities that support the end to end Signs of Safety casework process. This includes:

  • Intake, incorporating the Harm Analysis Matrix
  • Mapping & Analysis
  • Safety Planning
  • My Three Houses
  • Safety Journal
  • Words and Pictures
  • Network finding and involvement
  • Parent survey
  • Meaningful Measures dashboards

The Diona suite of client engagement software supports Signs of Safety in the following ways:

  • Supports the practitioner in the application of the Signs of Safety approach when they need it most when they are working directly with parents, children, young people and their support networks
  • Integrates the details and record of the practice to the agency’s case management system, significantly cutting the time practitioners spend on data entry and thereby allowing practitioners more time with families
  • Creates a digital recording of work with clients which is then available for both professionals and service recipients
  • Makes the practice encounter transparent and accountable for both families and professionals, creating a foundation where agency leaders can have more immediate oversight of the practice, understand the detail of the Signs of Safety application across the agency and provide better support for practitioners

Diona solutions enable agencies to significantly enhance the functionality and effectiveness of their IT system without having to replace or customise their existing case management system.

To learn more about how Elia and Diona can transform the way your agency engages with families, please contact itsolutions@signsofsafety.net