Implementation One-day Leadership Event

One Day Leadership Event

11 April 2024

9.00 am – 4.30 pm EDT

Children’s Aid Society of Toronto
30 Isabella Street

Keeping Focused and Staying On Track: Signs of Safety® Implementations don’t just happen…they have to be led!

Country: Canada

Mahesh Prajapat, CEO Elia International Ltd, together with Licensed Signs of Safety® Consultants invite you to join us on a learning journey where we encourage you to share your successes, barriers, achievements and challenges towards the goal of whole system implementation and long-term sustainability of the Signs of Safety® approach. Together we will explore:

  • What does it take for a successful implementation of Signs of Safety®? What are important evaluation measures to determine effectiveness of implementation?
  • The Leadership Imperative: how do you lead and manage whole system cultural and organisational change? What do you hold on to? What can you let go?
  • Help! What happens when your agency gets stuck with progress? What needs to happen to get unstuck and keep going?
  • Transformation is not magic dust — how do we move into sustainability? What does this look like?


Eileen Munro

Eileen Munro

A special guest faculty for this event will be Professor Eileen Munro, Emeritus Professor of Social Policy at the London School of Economics. Professor Munro has researched and written extensively on how to improve reasoning in child protection work, covering how best to combine intuitive and analytic reasoning and also on the importance of understanding how the organisational system influences workers’ actions. In 2011, she completed the Munro Review of the English Child Protection System and subsequently was able to test the feasibility of her recommendations by conducting action research with the Signs of Safety organisation as they sought to implement them and improve practice with families in ten English agencies.  Returning to her roots in philosophy, Eileen was a member of a team project that explored the implications of complex causality for using research findings in a new location and how this challenges traditional evidence-based practice. She is currently continuing this line of research with Professor Nancy Cartwright with funding from the Arts and Humanities Research Council.

This event is for: CEOs, COO/DOSs, Service Directors and Senior Leaders.

Places will be limited so register your interest today for this exciting opportunity to meet, share, network and learn together!


  • Ticket price is CAD$25 per person and includes lunch (vegan and vegetarian options available)
  • Tickets go on sale on Friday 16 February at 8:00am EST. Click here to purchase.