dillon from Ireland 6:49 pm

thank you so much Signs of Safety its really been an honour to take part and see so much different views on children and thank you for giving me the opportunity to learn so much into this type of thing

Stephen from Ireland 3:35 pm

Thank you all

Bev Edwards from Wales 3:35 pm

Fantastic 3 days thank you to every presenter. Great to be part of this via live stream!

Tusla from Ireland 3:23 pm

Let's stake a claim for what we do! 'Do it with pride and dignity'

How do we get the SOS Gathering to come back to Ireland again next year?!

Bev Edwards from Wales 3:20 pm

Thank you to the young people for sharing - its great advice in how to help to make things better, will share this when I am delivering training!

Nora from Ireland 3:18 pm

Getting senior management to where we are as social workers!!!

Petra from Netherlands 3:17 pm

Thank you young people to give your reflection on the 3 days!

Kirsty from Ireland 3:11 pm

The young people were awesome, so brave. Thank you for giving us the best knowledge we need for our work!!

Sarah from Ireland 3:07 pm

Well done to all the young people, you were brilliant and very brave to share about your experience of social workers which will help us working with kids in the future. You stole the show!!!!!

Lotte from Netherlands 3:07 pm

After the point of maximum learning you enter the panic zone. I’ve been there several times past days...☺️