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Noriko Okano

Noriko Okano, Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan

Using the Signs of Safety with children in residential care

Many professionals ask, how do you use Signs of Safety with children in care and in residential placements?

We have invited Noriko Okano from Japan to make this presentation at the Dublin Gathering because she has the answers to these questions. Noriko has taken the mapping, My Three Houses, family safety circles and words and pictures methods and adapted them to the children and teenagers she works with. She has also made them richer by harmonising them with Japanese culture and traditions.

Noriko has also created and will show us how to make her own origami method of presenting a safety plan. She draws on many years’ experience in children’s services work, has a deep pride in her culture and an infectious enthusiasm for her work – this will be an inspiring presentation.

You can watch a preview of Noriko’s presentation above.