Children’s Aid Society of Toronto

The Children’s Aid Society of Toronto is one of four mandated child protection agencies in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, serving a population of 2.79 million people.  Our agency is the largest Board run agency in North America and employs more than 800 staff.

Our journey with Signs of Safety began in 2007 when our province introduced Differential Response as part of a  provincial child welfare transformation strategy.  For the past three years members of our agency’s Differential Response Committee have been exposing the agency’s service staff to the Signs of Safety clinical framework through branch based information sessions, practice enhancement groups  and case consultations lead by staff who have gained advanced knowledge of the model and its clinical application  through attendance at  external training.  This agency wide process of familiarization with the  model and the potential it holds for supporting  positive outcomes for our work with  families and children resulted in  a decision to formally adopt Signs of Safety  as the agency’s  clinical framework in April 2013.

The Children’s Aid Society of Toronto is currently working with Connected Families to assist with implementation and training.  All our protection staff have received two to three days of training from Connected Families and a training plan has been developed to further advance our practice in 2014.