Resolutions with Injured Infant Case – Demonstration Video by Susie Essex


This video presents the clinical work of Susie Essex demonstrating the Resolutions approach to building safety in cases of ‘denied’ child abuse. The video focuses on a family where an infant has suffered serious unexplained injuries, with the family members played by actors.

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Susie Essex’s clinical work with complex disputed child protection cases is remarkable. Whatever the challenge Susie will inevitably find ways to skilfully utilise the responses of the parents, children, extended family or professionals to explore and focus on building safety and good care for the children.

Skilful practice like Susie’s is rather like watching a bird in flight, responding dynamically to the winds and conditions. Written descriptions of this sort of practice always lose something in translation even when the description is done well. Susie has written about her work with numerous colleagues: Colin Luger, John Gumbleton, Margaret Hiles, Andrew Turnell and others but because the written descriptions can never fully do justice to the practice the videos presented here offer a fuller insight into how to undertake and lead this complex work.

This video material presents Susie working with actors playing Kate (mother), Alex (father), Mark (Uncle), Norman (paternal grandfather played by John Gumbleton), Sarah (maternal grandmother played by Margaret Hiles) and Jim (maternal grandfather played by Colin Luger) in a case of unexplained physical injuries to an infant.

The two videos include almost three hours of material covering:

  • Engaging the family
  • Exploring the family and perceptions of the concerns
  • Initial Safety Planning
  • Creating the words and pictures explanation
  • Family Safety Circles work
  • Similar but Different work
  • Final Safety Planning


All of the video material is subtitled in English.

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