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Building meaningful safety plans is probably the hardest of all tasks in working with high-risk child protection cases. It is far easier for professionals to send parents to another course or treatment programme than to define what constitutes enough safety to close the case and involve family and professionals in working to realise that goal. Without clear safety goals, cases tend to drag on and child protection systems find they have increasing numbers of children in care for longer time.

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For parents the process is particularly frustrating because they feel that they don’t know what they need to do to get child protection services out of their lives. In this video and workbook Andrew Turnell takes direct aim at these issues presenting a specific vision and process for creating effective safety plans together with families and naturally occurring support network.

In the Video Andrew Turnell presents:

  • The principles of effective safety planning
  • The elements of effective safety planning
  • Two detailed safety plan examples, the first in a case involving a suicidal mother who has neglected her son and the second relating to a situation of severe domestic violence
  • The casework, engagement and questioning skills that create partnership with families and their networks which is the foundation of effective safety planning work.
  • Ideas and specific methods to directly involve children in the safety planning


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To compliment and deepen the video presentation the accompanying 40-page workbook:

  • Provides further stepwise guidance of how to build family owned safety plans in collaboration with all key professionals and family members.
  • Draws upon numerous video clips that can be viewed on our website in which practitioners describe how they have used these safety planning ideas in their practice in a variety of cases.
  • Describes additional safety planning vignettes and examples.
  • Draws on the words and experience of parents regarding safety-planning work of this sort in high-risk cases.

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