Avi Versanov

Country: Canada
Email: avi.versanov@signsofsafety.net
Languages: English, Hebrew
Licensed Signs of Safety Trainer & Consultant 🟠🔵
With a profound academic background and an unwavering commitment to reshaping organizations from the core, Avi is an emblem of transformational leadership. Armed with a bachelor's degree in Psychology and a Master's degree in Social Work, Avi's expertise extends far beyond the ordinary.

Avi's consultancy career has been a testament to his exceptional grasp of the intricate dynamics of organizational change. He doesn't merely navigate these complexities; he redefines them. Drawing from over a decade of hands-on experience as a licensed Signs of Safety trainer and consultant, Avi has honed his craft in the crucible of real-world challenges.

What sets Avi apart is his recognition that actual organizational change demands more than superficial adjustments. It requires a fundamental systemic overhaul, reimagining paradigms, structures, and cultures. Avi has illuminated the path to achieving this ambitious goal through his innovative process. His methodology is a beacon for organizations seeking to accept, embed, and sustain Signs of Safety's profound principles and methodologies.

Avi's professional journey extends well beyond the confines of traditional consultancy. For 15 years, he navigated the labyrinthine landscape of child welfare, wearing multiple hats as a dedicated Child Protection Worker, a mentor, a coach, and a trainer. This rich tapestry of experiences has woven together to create an unparalleled depth and breadth consultant.

But Avi's thirst for knowledge and growth is insatiable. Concurrently pursuing an MBA, he augments his already formidable skills, ensuring he remains at the vanguard of innovation in consultancy and change management. This commitment to continuous learning underscores Avi's dedication to pushing the boundaries of what is possible in organizational transformation.

Today, Avi's visionary pursuits transcend borders as he leads transformative initiatives across Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom. He ingeniously adapts Signs of Safety's foundational principles and tools, transcending geographical and cultural constraints to effect meaningful change.

Avi's impact is not confined to child protection alone; his talents extend seamlessly into the corporate arena. Collaborating with forward-thinking corporations, he leverages the transformative power of Signs of Safety to elevate employee engagement, instill morale, and cultivate trust. Avi's track record speaks volumes, consistently delivering the tangible results that organizations crave.

After years of dedicated service to families, mentoring and coaching protection staff, and skillfully steering organizations toward success, Avi possesses an unparalleled understanding of what it takes to adopt and effectively implement the fundamental tenets of Signs of Safety. His journey is an enduring testament to his unwavering commitment to driving profound, sustainable change on both personal and organizational fronts.