Denis Gorgon

Denis Gorgon
Country: Belgium
Languages: English, Dutch
Licensed Signs of Safety Trainer đŸ””
Denis studied Criminology and Forensic Behavioural Sciences and has been working in Youth Care for more than 30 years.

For the moment Denis works as a team leader in a private organisation for Youth Care in Leuven, Belgium.

Denis got in touch with the Signs of Safety in 2011. He became very interested in the way this approach was working with children, families and networks. After 20 years of working “in the field” and searching for the ‘right approach’ he discovered  and experienced how fantastic the Signs of Safety approach matched with what children and families in CPS need.

He followed a lot of training and boot camps and implemented Signs of Safety in the department  where he works as a team leader. Using the same principles in working with families he empowered his team, who also became very enthusiastic in working with Signs of Safety. In 2016 Denis did a presentation at the Signs of Safety Gathering in Norwich concerning talking with children: “Networks, cartoons and games”.

Denis received his License as a Signs of Safety Trainer in 2018 and is one of the first Signs of Safety trainers in Belgium together with Kevin Van Bedts and Sabien De Klerck.

Denis is a very enthusiastic team leader who has a lot of experience, not only in leading teams but also in working with children, families and networks.

He is still working “in the field” as a practitioner, but he also believes it’s very important to use the Signs of Safety principles in parallel processes in leadership, supervision and teamwork.