Joke Wiggerink

Joke Wiggerink
Country: The Netherlands
Languages: English, Dutch
Pronoun: she/her
CEO – Elia; Licensed Signs of Safety Trainer & Consultant
Joke Wiggerink is a Dutch Ortho Pedagogue with 26 years’ experience in youth probation and child protection including directorship roles in the statutory youth care agencies in Drenthe and Groningen between 2006 and 2016. During this period, Joke led the Signs of Safety implementations in both organisations. Joke has worked alongside Andrew Turnell since 2005, initially in the Dutch implementations, then in delivering training and consultation in the Netherlands and internationally and over the past 5 years in leading the international Signs of Safety community.

In February 2020 Joke replaced Andrew as CEO of Elia which is the international membership-based organisation that is the home of Signs of Safety. Joke’s leadership of the international Signs of Safety community sees her working in many countries around the world and she is the lead consultant in the whole system implementations in Northern Ireland, the Flemish speaking northern half of Belgium and in the just completed English Innovations Project. As well as working with agency leaders on organisational alignment, Joke loves delivering Signs of Safety training and working alongside practitioners, supervisors and practice leaders on applying the Signs of Safety to complex cases.

Joke specialises in investigating the parallel processes that are necessary for the whole system implementation so that Signs of Safety practices and culture are woven throughout the organisation creating equivalence between how service recipients are approached, staff are supervised and how the organisation is run. Joke works closely with Terry Murphy, Eileen Munro and Andrew Turnell in documenting the Signs of Safety implementation framework and methods.