Lotte Steur-Strik

Country: The Netherlands
Languages: English, Dutch
Licensed Signs of Safety Trainer
Lotte Steur-Strik has been working as trainer and supervisor in youth care (child protection) and woman’s health in Southern Netherlands for more than eight years. She had worked as a family practitioner in the same area before she embarked on the career of training. In 2008 she was interested by the Signs of Safety approach to child protection during a two-day workshop conducted by Andrew Turnell.

Having benefited from working alongside an established figure like Susanne Essex and experienced colleagues from the North, she began to share her knowledge in Signs of Safety with her colleagues so as to inspire them in adapting the approach. She has been providing monthly Signs of Safety training in Southern Netherlands for more than four years. Her approaches involve asking questions, involving children and using simple language. She believes that all children in care should feel safe, and being loved, understand the reality of what has happened and who can help them.