Nova Nilsdotter

Nova Nilsdotter
Country: Sweden
Languages: English, Swedish
Licensed Signs of Safety Trainer 🔵
Nova Nilsdotter works full-time as a Signs of Safety trainer. She travels all over Sweden working with various municipalities interested in implementing Signs of Safety. Nova has been working in child protection since early 2013 and has been fascinated with the Signs of Safety approach since she attended her first training in 2011. From the start of 2013 until March 2016, she held a position within the child protection agency of Botkyrka Kommun. After that, she worked as a consultant social worker within different child protection agencies in and around the Stockholm area until January 2019.
Throughout her role within child protection agencies, she has worked as part of the intake team, but mostly within the investigative child protection field, profiling with high-risk cases and safety planning both for children and youths.
Nova has been working with Signs of Safety in practice ever since she first starting working in 2013, and has a comprehensive understanding of using the approach in various case types. Nova has a strong belief in participatory practice and experience of leading families and their networks through a questioning approach to find their own solutions to the most difficult worries concerning the safety for children, by placing the children in the centre of her practice and by always being hugely kind.