Ophelia Mac-Kwashie

Country: Sweden
Email: ophelia.mac-kwashie@signsofsafety.net
Languages: Ewe, English, Swedish
Licensed Signs of Safety Trainer 🔵
Ophelia has been working as Child Protection Practitioner and Investigator since February 1999. Her works involve dealing with cases of both children and teenagers.

She was first introduced to Signs of Safety in September 2001 and has been applying the approach in her works since then. Besides working as an on-the-field Practitioner, Ophelia conducts trainings for both practitioners and managers in different municipalities of Sweden.

Now as independent social worker, whilst enjoys working at the front line as Child Protection Investigator, she is also a Signs of Safety Trainer. She finds combining the two roles very exciting and challenging, since the direct work with the families and consulting on cases is what drives Ophelia to go to work every day with a smile on her face. She finds the “learning by doing” technique the most effective way, not only to show but for the case workers to grasp the process of doing safety planning with the families in accordance with Signs of Safety approach.