Update from the Signs of Safety IT User Group

Since the first Signs of Safety IT Solution was launched in the UK in 2018, Elia has been meeting regularly with practice and IT system leads from children’s services organisations and with IT suppliers to refine the solution and share ideas about IT alignment. The Signs of Safety IT User Group met this week and for the first time all organisations in the UK using all any one of the four accredited Signs of Safety IT Solutions to record their work met together — 80 participants across over 20 organisations.

What a great start, with North Yorkshire County Council presenting their work to implement Signs of Belonging in conversation with Andrew Turnell who led a learning case with a family where the two children had been taken into care. The social worker, Rebekah, shared how she had brought hope for Mum and Dad right from the first phone call she had with them, how she gave the network responsibility for creating safety for the children, even on a Friday night when it would have been easier to revert back to the department taking charge. Mel, the Assistant Director, Jo, the principal Social Worker and Tracey, the Team Manager, all spoke about the different ways they had created space and confidence for the work to happen and the learning they had gained as an organisation. Outstanding practice which is being used with other families and creating good outcomes.

As always in this group, we talked about how the practice was supported and evidenced through the case recording solution in particular the new suite of Signs of Belonging forms for children in care. The mapping forms for using with children and young people and the early focus in the forms on the timeline to build hope for the parents were standouts for Rebekah as she spoke about documenting her work and sharing it with the family and network.

IT User Group Meeting with 6 people in Zoom windows

Thank you all for your inspired practice and leadership. Thank you Andrew for your relentless pursuit of putting the family and the practitioner at the heart of everything we do.

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