2021 Online International Signs of Safety Gathering

Online International Signs of Safety GatheringSigns of Safety Gatherings were created to facilitate the bringing together of child protection workers, leaders and academics from all over the world; celebrating what works. Signs of Safety Gatherings are unique because they honour good child protection practice through presentations from practitioners, and from leaders who are supporting them. Focusing on success and on what actually works for practitioners and families in child protection is inspiring, and creates an energy that renews our enthusiasm for the work.

With the global pandemic that has disrupted all our lives and left many of us isolated from family, friends and colleagues. As human beings, we are wired to connect. Unable to travel, it’s more important than ever that we connect however we can and share great practice with others now, when we need to hear inspirational stories the most. We hope this Gathering will bring together more people than ever before.

This upcoming International Signs of Safety Gathering will be held online, making it the most accessible and truly international Gathering to-date. The Gathering will include opportunities to connect with your peers from around the world as well as ask questions of leaders and presenters about their work.

We are seeking submissions for presentations from practitioners and agencies. If you are going to register to attend the Gathering and would like to consider putting yourself forward as a possible presenter and share how your organisation is changing the story of child protection, please submit a presentation application by 7 July 2021.

Join us for the 2021 Online International Signs of Safety Gathering and be part of changing the international child protection story.