Child Protection Practice and Organisation During COVID-19: Two Presentations

Annual Social Work Conference 2021

The English Government funded a number of research projects to uncover lessons learned from children’s services practice and organisation during the pandemic. Elia partnered with North Tyneside children’s services in a project looking specifically at using naturally connected networks with families of vulnerable children. This research involved four local authorities including North Tyneside and the project was led by Professor Eileen Munro. The research is now complete and the report written and we are looking forward to be able to make the report publicly available once the government authorises its release.

In the meantime, the first online presentations of the findings and learnings will occur in two weeks on June 18, at the University of Cumbria Social Work Conference titled: Connecting with the future: Learning in the time of COVID-19 — Sustaining and Building Connection in our work. Registration details are included below.

Here’s the description and time slots for the two presentations:

Building and sustaining connection for children and their families in lockdown
Professor Eileen Munro with Andrew Turnell 10.00 – 11.15 am

COVID-19 has created some of the most challenging conditions for practising social work in our lifetime. This presentation, led by Eileen Munro, will explore lessons from a research study of four local authorities, looking at how practitioners were building and sustaining networks of support around vulnerable children and their families during the pandemic, and also how, in order to support this practice, changes were made in leadership, supervisory methods, team functioning and technical support. The value of continuing some of these adaptations after the pandemic will be considered.

Exploring what’s worked in social work practice during the pandemic
Professor Andrew Turnell with practitioners and managers from North Tyneside and Cumbria Children’s Services 1.00 to 2.15pm

It is absolutely vital that as social workers we never minimise the seriousness of problems we work with. At the same time if we are to be agents of change we need to sustain hope and bring grounded vision of how to create solutions. In this session, Andrew Turnell will demonstrate a process of appreciative inquiry that explores success as experienced in everyday life and practice. Andrew will lead a conversation looking at the detail of practice and leadership that has maintained connection for vulnerable children and their families during COVID-19 through naturally connected support networks.

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