Agi’s Story

We’d like to introduce an important book to you, written by Agi Gault, a Signs of Safety Trainer and Consultant who has been a frontline social worker in child protection since 1998.

Agi was drawn to a career in child protection because of her personal experience of going through the care system in the United Kingdom as an adopted and abused child. The Third Space is a narrative of her life, interspersed with a collection of her poems which were Agi’s communication – metaphors of her lived experience and her therapy.

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“An incredibly courageous dive into her life experience”
“All children’s services professionals whether field staff or leaders need to read it.”
“Inspiring, raw and real.”

Why this book?

Agi has said that, “My experience of coming up through the care system is not unique. There are thousands and thousands of people with stories similar to mine”.

Sadly, we only rarely hear directly from young people in the care system in this way and while many are helped, many also feel confused and lost in the system. To continue to make a positive difference in these young people’s lives it’s crucial that we hear from them in this way.

“I am very thankful that Agi has had the courage to write this book because all children’s services professionals, whether field staff or leaders, need to read it…the crucial challenge Agi raises is about belonging and connection. Agi tells us that like so many ‘looked after’ children, she felt she was being treated as a problem to be solved, rather than a child to be cherished and loved. To be able to better create lasting connection and belonging for children in the care system, we need to listen to Agi!”

Agi also wants The Third Space to be a catalyst for change for how children’s services and other agencies support children in their care or who are adopted to remain connected to their birth families.

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The Third Space by Agi B Gault

How to purchase

You can order the book in paperback or digital formats online from this website.
Prices are in Australian dollars but copies can be shipped worldwide.

“I feel I should give a warning at this point — this book contains poetry. Poetry was my way of recording my feelings about me and my world. At times, it is raw and brutal…I do reflect back upon the abuse and trauma that I suffered. It was not easy to write and it took many years to get to the point where I could bring it all together into a book.
It is also a book about survival — I survived, I am still standing, and I continue to go forward.”

Agi Gault holding her book at the launch event
Agi Gault

Agi will be posting regularly to The Third Space Facebook page so if you’d like to connect further with what she is doing around the book and her other writing, then click the link to like, comment and leave a review there.