Kevin Van Bedts

Kevin Van Bedts
Country: Belgium
Languages: English, Dutch
Licensed Signs of Safety Trainer 🔵
Kevin Van Bedts has used the Signs Of Safety approach since 2011 and became a Licenced Signs Of Safety Trainer in 2018.

Kevin has been working for nearly 10 years in a private child protection organisation in Flanders, first as a Worker and for the last 5 years as a Team Manager. Following a one year training “Solution Focused Brief Therapy” at the Korzybski Institute helped Kevin with his struggles being a ‘professional’, however did not want to tell others what to do or give them solutions he was unsure would work. Therefore the “Solution Focused Way” of working, enormously, helped leading families with specific problems by involving them in planning their own life and make it safer and better for the children, in their own way.

Kevin leads a team of 13 social workers working with adolescents who have multiple problems combined with delinquent behaviour where a juvenile judge is involved. During and after the placement in a Closed Government Institution Kevin’s team works closely together with the youngster and the family. The Signs Of Safety approach helps them talk about worries, what needs to happen and have a better understanding of what is underneath the “symptomatic behaviour”. The goal is that, in every case, the youngster can relay on a network.

Aside from the managing aspect of the job, Kevin finds it important staying very present in the front line of work. He still supervises a few cases and often leads family meetings, focussing on getting things better for the children. He is very passionate about his work and always tries to inspire others by using the Signs Of Safety approach. The logical next step was becoming a trainer and share his experience with others.

Kevin also gave a presentation at the International Signs Of Safety Gathering in Norwich 2016.